2008年7月27日 星期日

MetrO 5.6.9 (updated)

地鐵通 MetrO 5.6.9 版,Palm 主程式有小更正,而資料庫部份... 北京等城市路線更新。


HandyShopper 3.0.5 build 4325 (released July 25, 2008)

廣受好評的購物管理軟體 HandyShopper 更新,這個版本對於 5 向鍵操作和硬體鍵的操作有新的定義,我覺得這是很重要的。

v3.0.5 - build 4325 - July 25, 2008

  • On devices with a 5-way d-pad, the default action for pressing the center button now checks off
    the highlighted item. There is a new "Hold center button to check item" option in the Misc tab of
    the Preferences screen (not all devices support press+hold). The change in behavior is needed
    because the Treo detection fix in v3.0 build 3930 led to HS finally realizing that several other
    devices also had 5-way d-pads, which in turn led to some unexpected quirks on certain devices.
  • The Details screen now supports hardware navigation mode on devices that have the hardware
    navigation feature (the blue aura that highlights the current control). Up/down still go to the
    previous/next item.

HandyShopper for Windows Mobile and Palm OS

Event Launcher 3.0 B4 (updated)

Event Launcher 更新到 3.0 B4 版 ,這版讓你可以把本程式歸到 preference 中去。

3.0 B4 6/21/08
+ option to use the application as a preference panel
- bug fixes

ProgrammerByGrace Software

Destaller Lite 3.3 (updated)

乾淨刪除軟體的 Destaller 更新到 3.3 版,喜愛 freeware 的朋友也可以同時下載 Lite 3.3 版來使用。

Palm Software | Utilities | Destaller Pro

Engadget: Palm Treo 800w review

Engadget 上不錯的 800w 評析,可惜這款機器只限於 Sprint 系統使用,我們無福消受。

Engadget Mobile for Mobile

Centroid 3.8 (updated)

Centroid 又開始支援 Treo 了,真開心,2.9 版以後增加 zones 的選項,可以把數個 GID 歸於同一個 zone 之下,更合乎日常使用經驗,不錯!


3.8 26-Jul-2008

* Compatible with Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo
680 (GSM versions only). Uses direct connection to serial modem to read
CellID and LAC if device is not a Centro.
* Added messaging log report form.

Centroid User Manual

Weasel Reader 1.6.1 (updated)


Weasel Reader v1.61

Monday, July 21, 2008


* Bugfix: Fix the version bitmap to show the correct value.

* Bugfix: Fix 5-way/D-pad support.

* Removed the "Use Hardware Button" option from the preferences form.

* Add a user adjustable key mapping for the DocView form to let users

decide what keys should do.

* Add a Key Prefs form to allow changing of the key map.

* Removed autoscroll pause/resume feature because it was tied to a particular

hard button (app button #2) and cannot be easily generalized to the key

key handling layer.

* Added a directory stack so Weasel now remembers the previous list

selection when you browse back to the previous directory.
It's a very

simple method, however, and Weasel will not, for example, select the

correct entry if Weasel starts in a directory three levels down and you

browse to the parent directory because the directory stack will be empty

at that point.

* Bugfix: If you had >160 documents in any one location, Weasel would try to

allocate to much memory for the index and crash. Weasel now uses an

alternate method of allocating space for the index array and the limit is

now around 12000.

* Add a "Most Recently Read" list to Weasel which tracks recently read

documents. The list may be found in the root level of the index

browser. It keeps track of the last 10 opened documents. This number

can be altered in weasel.h to something higher/lower.

* Bugfix: When importing a doc from VFS to main mem, Weasel would fail

with the wrong error message if a doc with the same name already existed

in main memory. Weasel now falls back to readonly mode in this case.

* Added a 16bpp hi-res logo for the About dialog and removed the 8bpp hi-res

logo. The 8bpp hi-res logo doesn't look very good and most devices that

can display it can also do 16bpp. The only downside is that the 16bpp

logo adds 42K to the size of the PRC. But... devices have so much

storage these days. And you can still turn it off in the Makefile.

* Cleaned up the way DebugHostMsg works for non-UNIX platforms so that the

debug output sent to the Palm Reporter (the only way to get useful

output on Windows) isn't such a pain to read.

* Bugfix: When reaching the end of a document, Weasel would display 0.00%

instead of 100.00% in the status bar. Reported by c_hintz.

SourceForge.net: Files

AttnGrab 2.0 (updated)

v2.0 (build 0612)
- There are now 2 profiles (called Active and Passive) that can be used to customize the way AttnGrab notifies you.
- Profiles can be activated manally or at a set time.
The profile can change while an alert is active and the new settings
will apply immediately. The exception to this is the LED colour, which
does not change.
- Massive code refactoring (I've been wanting to do
this and the large changes needed for profile support were a perfect
opportunity to do it).
- Added a button to let you test the beep parameters without having to create an alert.

Don't Read Me!: AttnGrab (Attention Grabber)

Chimester v1.8 (updated)

Chimester 在短短幾天內更新數次版本,現在除了定點報時功能外,加上 popup 功能,和 Keyguard 加強功能,顯示時間和多項系統資訊。

1.6 12-Jul-2006
  • Full one-handed operation for popup activation and keyguard deactivation (except for "Menu" key).
  • Center key popup activation and keguard de-activation is handled properly.
  • Signal strength value is correctly displayed in CDMA devices.
  • Re-layout and UI adjustments in clock display.
1.7 14-Jul-2006
  • Complete device memory status display in clock - Storage RAM, Dynamic Heap, DB Cache, Card.
1.8 15-Jul-2006
  • Added no-timeout option to popup. If selected, the clock display will be displayed till it is manually dismissed or auto-poweroff kicks-in.
Chimester v1.8 freeware for Palm treo phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

2008年7月26日 星期六

Ma Tirelire 2.1 中文版完成

今天把 Ma Tirelire 2.1 中文版本寄給法國原作者 Maxime,他應該很快就能提供官方中文版讓大家下載。小弟不是學會計的,有些翻譯可能不很理想,如果有好的建議,也希望不吝與我聯繫,讓這個軟體更加好用,謝謝!

2008年7月18日 星期五

[快報] Ma Tirelire 2.1 中文化進度

Ma Tirelire 目前中文化進度 99.9%,2.1 正體中文版已經開始在我手上的 Treo 650 運作,這兩天看一下有無明顯翻譯不通順的地方,如果大致 OK,就會把翻譯檔寄回原作者,到時就可以以官方正式翻譯版提供下載。

2008年7月17日 星期四

Ma Tirelire 2.1 官方繁體中文版進度報告

超棒記帳軟體 Ma Tirelire 2.1 正努力中文化中... 目前進度約 50%

2008年7月16日 星期三

tsk2cal 1.0 (updated)

很棒的 PIM 輔助工具,把完成的 task 轉到 calendar 去,新版支援類別。

0.1 - July 9, 2008

* option: transfer tasks to matching categories
* added the default category


PalmAddicts: Palm Centro colors in Asia-Pacific

有意思,有人整理了亞太地區 Centro 上市提供的顏色,看來非黑即白,選擇不多啊!

PalmAddicts: Palm Centro colors in Asia-Pacific

Palminfocenter: Treo 800w Review - First Impressions

看到 Treo 800w 和 Treo 680 及 Centro 的疊疊樂,長寬和 Treo 680 相近,但厚度甚至比 Centro 薄,手感想必不錯...

Treo 800w Review - First Impressions

Palminfocenter: Palm Treo 800w Released on Sprint

Treo 800w 上市,目前限系統商 Sprint,售價 USD 249 起。

硬體內建 wifi 和 GPS,真是 Treo 近來最上道的機種了,可惜不是 Palm OS,而是 Windows Mobile 6.1 pro。不過,Palm 自己也擺明了說,以後 Palm OS 的機種 (還會有嗎?) 都叫 Centro。

Palm Treo 800w Released on Sprint

Chimester v1.5 (new)

定時鬧鈴提醒軟體 TreoHour 現在更名為 Chimester,新功能:
  • Signal strength indicator also works in CDMA devices.
  • Added option to disable unlock text in keyguard. Don't enable this if you are the forgetful kind.
  • Fixed minor bug that prevented clock display on manually enabling keyguard.
Chimester v1.5 freeware for Palm treo phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

BellTime 1.0 (updated)

很適合 TX 使用的漂亮時鐘軟體,WatchMaker 姐妹作 - BellTime,已經更新到 1.0 版,推薦下載。

BellTime v1.0 freeware for Palm treo phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

Card Autorun v1.0.4 (updated)

這個軟體讓你控制卡片插入時,要不要自動切換到 launcher,算是老軟體了,不過照本站紀錄看來,這是新的版本,更新內容還不清楚。

Card Autorun v1.0.4 freeware for Palm treo phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

Centroid v3.4 (updated)

原名 TreoSpot 的 Centroid 已經更新到 3.4 版,不曉得 Treo 還可以使用嗎?

Centroid v3.4 freeware for Palm treo phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

SilentCue v1.2 (updated)

這個軟體上次更新已是3年前,定時振動提醒,不過間隔只能設在 1-60 分鐘內。

SilentCue v1.2 freeware for Palm treo phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

TouchBook v0.987 (updated)

AutoNumLock for Treo/Centro (new)

這也是 Alex Pruss 發表的 hack,同樣需要在 YAHM 中起動。
使用這個 hack,可以按一次 option 鍵就鎖住數字輸入,而 space 之後自動恢復英文輸入,省掉不少麻煩。

1src Forums - AutoNumLock for Treo/Centro

KeyLight (new)

Alex Pruss 發表的新 DA,可以控制 Treo 鍵盤的背光。

1SRC Freeware - powered by vBulletin

NoCertWarn (new)

Alex Pruss 發表在 1src 的方便小工具。
算是個 hack,在 YAHM 中起動以後,利用 Blazer 瀏覽網頁時,不會再出現討厭的認証警示訊息。

1SRC Freeware - powered by vBulletin

2008年7月10日 星期四

Palm SDHC: Tungsten E2 support

Dmitry SDHC driver 網站消息:他所開發的 driver 現在已經支援 TE2 了。

Palm SDHC: Tungsten E2 support

1src Forums - libogg Support for PalmOS

phreakonaleash 將 libogg 移植到 Palm 上。
如果我沒記錯,TCPMP 好像已經可以播放 ogg 格式音樂了,還有沒有新的程式會利用到這個 library,我們等著看吧!

1src Forums - libogg Support for PalmOS

1src Forums - Do you have a lot of music on your palm?

phreakonaleash 在 1src forum 上提到:他正在開發一個多媒體管理軟體,自動產生 playlist,目標使用在大容量記憶卡上,未來可以和各媒體播放器整合。有興趣的朋友可以多注意一下。

1src Forums - Do you have a lot of music on your palm?

自由軟體技術交流網 - LiPS組織加入LiMO

算舊聞了,也是 linux 手機系統規範組織之一的 LiPS,在 Nokia 買下 Symbian 的新聞發佈之後,宣佈加入 LiMO。如此一來,linux 手機系統能夠進一步整合。我們為何需要關心這個?因為 Access 也是 LiMO 成員之一,不曉得這對它推出新一代作業系統的規劃有何影響...

自由軟體技術交流網 - 新聞區

TreoStar 2.3 (updated)

和特定人物通話畫面下,出現提醒訊息,現在也相容於 Centro 和 680 了。

2.3 21-Jun-2008

* Finally, Centro and Treo 680 compatible.
* Major re-write. More efficient, uses native attention manager.

TreoStar User Manual

[GTD] 讓您工作更加行雲流水的 Diddlebug 3 * 3 英文版 - PDA 軟體相關討論 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

twishi 和 dbhua 合作的 Diddlebug 3x3 英文版,主要是把 Diddlebug 的 list view (快捷鍵 l) 改成三欄檢視,在一個畫面下就是 3x3=9 個縮圖,對於尋找速記是很方便的,但是和標準版本的資料格式並不相容,安裝時需要注意一下。


[GTD] 讓您工作更加行雲流水的 Diddlebug 3 * 3 英文版 - PDA 軟體相關討論 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

QuickBits is now freeware -> TamsPalm - the Palm OS Blog

適用於 Palm OS 3/4 機種,讓程式執行速度更快的老軟體 - QuickBits,現在是 freeware 了。

QuickBits is now freeware -> TamsPalm - the Palm OS Blog

1src Forums - Electron Hut discontinued support. Regcodes for free now

1src 來的消息,Electron Hut 上一些撲克牌遊戲現在都變成 freeware 了,網站上可以直接取得註冊碼。



2008年7月4日 星期五

1src Forums - LockAndKey

剛在 sourceforge 上發表,類似魔塔的遊戲,作者持續開發中。


1src Forums - LockAndKey

Ubuntu MID - part 1: application list -> TamsPalm - the Palm OS Blog

Tamspalm 上 Alexander Gratz 開始數篇 Ubuntu MID 的介紹。第一篇是內建套件列表,對有使用 Ubuntu 的朋友來說,這些套件都不算陌生啊,希望它們在 MID 上都跑得很順暢。

Ubuntu MID - part 1: application list -> TamsPalm - the Palm OS Blog

Nokia N810 Android Installation

Nokia Internet Tablet 不僅可以跑 Palm OS (Garnet VM),現在也可以跑 Android OS,果然是好玩的機種。

Nokia N810 Android Installation

PalmAddicts: Read or write palm DB files on your desktop

文中提到:AbiWord 可以用來製作 PalmDoc 檔。

AbiWord 能作 PalmDoc 也不算新鮮事,記得好久以前就有這個功能,只是那時中文檔案做起來有亂碼問題,好久沒用 AbiWord,也許哪天來試試看。

PalmAddicts: Read or write palm DB files on your desktop

Shortcuts Prefs Panel (for Palm OS) - mytreo.net/downloads

Treo/Centro 上的 Shortcuts 並不是沒有,而是被藏起來,裝上這個就可以顯示了...

真是這樣嗎?我還一直以為要另外裝 Shortcut5 才行。

Shortcuts Prefs Panel

Shortcuts Prefs Panel (for Palm OS) - mytreo.net/downloads

BToday 1.2

(出了一段時間的軟體) 提供孕婦各種懷孕過程的重要資訊,我們會比較需要中文版的...

main screen

BToday: Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Palm Tea 1.2 (updated)


counting down...

Palm Tea

中華電的 3G 850 型用戶年底前可以免費用 WIFI - 網路相關討論 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

感謝 hube 在 PIL 上的分享,我自己在 Treo 650 上就是用這個方案。老是用 2G 上網,多不划算,現在終於可以讓我稍微平衡一下了!

中華電的 3G 850 型用戶年底前可以免費用 WIFI - 網路相關討論 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

PalmAddicts: Why the Palm is Better Than Anything

為何 Palm 是最好的?看這篇就有答案了...

作者到底是真心話還是在反諷... 寫得蠻有意思的,值得看看。

PalmAddicts: Why the Palm is Better Than Anything

Ma Tirelire 2.1 (updated)

我對 Palm 的熱情再度被燃起... Ma Tirelire 2 在多次的 beta 版後,日前終於推出 2.1 正式版,目前已有 5 種語言版本可供下載。

作者對於軟體發表的態度真是嚴謹啊!這次也正式提供 Ma Tirelire 2 的 translation kit,我想就向作者提出繁體中文版的建議吧!希望這次他不會以還沒準備好來敷衍我... 至於簡體中文版,我這回就不造次了。

Ma Tirelire - Download