2006年6月30日 星期五

Palm Art Gallery - Home

最近好像又不少人注意這個話題-在 palm 上作畫

CZ Call Log - PalmGear.com

MobileRead Networks - Sunrise XP beta 10 released

# New: Reinstated support for non-Western language encodings.(真是太棒了!)
# Fixed: Existing copies of documents with a HotSync destination would not be replaced during an update. (The new document would be left in the HotSync directory as a temporary file.)
# Fixed: Workaround for Last Update column not being refreshed after an update."

用PDA寄E-mail發佈MSN Spaces的網誌 - PDA 軟體相關討論 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

嗯, 值得玩玩看!

Palm Boulevard: News: Cingular Treos Coming This Fall?

Treo 十月份出新機? Palm OS 的機種叫做 Nitro....

1src Forums - FrameTX re-released [bugfixes]

2006年6月27日 星期二

News - Open Source Palm OS Clone in the Works

有人在搞這個... open source Palm OS,目標相容於 OS 5,期望支援多工,目的是要拯救 Palm OS(真的嗎?)

News - Rumor: Palm and Rim to merge this Thursday

謠言:Palm 和 RIM (黑莓) 要合併?

Koda's Palmware : Taiki v0.5


Koda's Palmware : Mesh


Sudoku 1.22 (updated)

# Fixed bug that saved games out of sorted order in the database, breaking auto game numbering
# Fixed bug that resulted in the pencilmark preferences button flashing rapidly when background processing (such as playing music in RealPlayer or Pocket Tunes) was taking place"

peoject-enigma | products | BracketsDA 0.73 (updated)


VFSExchange 1.1.1 (updated) - Treo Downloads | mytreo.net


MetrO 5.4.2 (updated)

MoePaint - PDA Software for Palm OS

哈,我那幼稚園程度的塗鴉竟被它站拿來作 demo,真是意外!

2006年6月25日 星期日

2006-06-20 MaTirelire2-b1512-en.prc


  • All screens now have a menu, except About, Alarm and Password ones;
  • Now database auto-correction is now able to correct erroneous splitted transactions and create inexistent types, modes and currencies. Remind that auto-correction is called when a Ma Tirelire database (including Ma Tirelire itself) is installed on the device;
  • The database auto-correction can now be called from the databases list screen menu;
  • In transaction edit screen, in split tab, display type when description is empty;
  • When clearing, the last statement number is now searched 200 transactions backward, instead of 50;
  • Some bugs corrected.

2006年6月24日 星期六


PDA 塗鴉投稿

Treonauts : Treo 650 Black Tie Edition: Ha

欣賞一下吧! 十週年黑色版 Treo 650

New way to connect to your online buddies from your Palm

不知道 Treo 650 可用乎?

1src Forums - PalmPDF 1.3 is out

1.3 (06/24/06 "Summer update")
- bugfix: Couldn't copy the fonts to the internal hidden volume on NVFS devices
- bugfix: Position wasn't always correct when calling a custom bookmark
- bugfix: Files from internal drive wasn't open correctly from 3rd party apps
- bugfix: when receiving a file, the .pdf extension is added if missing
- added "Exit" menu item
- added setting to control behaviour when returning from "receive file"
- added more validation checks in mark/copy code
- added code to allow bookmarks of copy-protected files
- added possibility to delete skins
- added "Back" for the presentation mode
- added possibility to configure the hard buttons

中文破碎字問題,建議看看 PIL ychao 的解釋

2006年6月23日 星期五

明日はきっと晴れるね - diary

MoePaint 作者的日記真是養眼~~

MoePaint1.2b4 RunningFree!

MoePaint 是有 1.2b4 版的, 用力找找在哪下載!

Football 2006 1.1.1 (updated) from PalmGear.com


Freeware Palm: Alarms? 2.0.0 (upadted)

This is version 2.0.0 \ 15Jun2005
Ported back to Quartus Forth, implanted the display engine of the NoAlarms application, i.e. time formats follow the system settings and a touch oc colo(u)r is added. Minimum Requirement is now PalmOS 3.5

ptLyrics - PalmGear.com

以前介紹過的 ptLyrics 變 shareware 了!

EasyCalc 1.23 (updated) from PalmGear


2006年6月21日 星期三

NVBackup 1.12 (updated)

Version history:

1.12: should be able to do a scheduled back up of locked device without the need for NVBackup to store your system password; added security and OS upgrade warnings--see readme.txt

MobileRead Networks - ESPN FIFA World Cup Mobile

ESPN 世足最新消息

Vexed! 2.2 (updated)

This release fixes a problem launching the hires version of Vexed on the Palm Tungsten T. If you were unable to launch version 2.1, please try version 2.2. If version 2.1 worked for you, there are no additional changes in version 2.2.

Freeware Palm: Lemon edit v0.9

2006年6月20日 星期二

2006年6月19日 星期一

TreoCentral.com - Old Rally 1000/Cribbage patched for Treo 700p

Sudoku 1.21 (updated)

Version Date Description
1.21 2006-06-18

* Fixed several bugs relating to game pausing not being properly cleared
* Fixed bug where the Check function would circle correct digits
* Fixed bug in Colouring strategy
* Fixed bug where pausing the game turned the Palm off if the usual auto off time had already expired
* Fixed bug which had the Palm produce an error beep after selecting menu items
* Check function now allows incorrect cells to be either erased, or moves undone until the game is correct
* Red/blue colouring now supported on grayscale devices via light and dark gray respectively
* Reduced stack memory requirements of Colouring strategy - should help on stack limited devices (eg Palm OS 2.0 and earlier)
* Tweaked number sets strategies to only try big sets of four digits or more as a last resort
* Ensured the game name has a zero terminator - stop some crashing
* Changed backlight dimming to ensure it never makes things brighter
* Made backlight dimming a preference
* Can cancel copying to clipboard
* New Game form remembers which checkbox was last selected
* Bolded form labels (where practical)
* Added support for categories

1src Forums - CUSTOM TX ROM - works

dmitrygr 重新打造 TX ROM, 供下載. 我還是先不動為妙, 目前沒空去搞中文系統的問題.

SC-123PU (successor of SC-103PU) 1.7 (updated)

Traffic! 1.21 (updated)

Updated Description:

Fixed color display for OS 5.4 devices.

2006年6月17日 星期六

News - Treo 650 vs. Treo 700p Camera Comparison

Treo 650 vs Treo 700p 相機效果比較,以照片為例

News - Wampad - Customizable Mobile Webpage


Black Tie Treo 650 Now On Sale

10 週年紀念,Treo 650 特別版上市,logo 也不同了!

2006年6月15日 星期四

OpenChess 3.0Beta2 available


好物來了, 下下下~~

AScheDA Version 1.00


NineThings v0.9 freeware for Palm phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.

FuelCalc v4.0 freeware for Palm phone and pda, PalmOS free downloads.


Bluetooth on and off with one button

單鍵開啟關閉 bluetooth,不錯喔!

Canuck Software Releases Stressed!


1src Forums - NVBackup 1.12 beta

New feature: Do not need unlock password for scheduled backup to work with locked devices.

2006年6月13日 星期二

[分享] Treo 650 電話桌布 - 世界盃

Palmislife 阿輝分享新的桌布, 相當應景, 推薦推薦!

Students find ring tone adults can't hear

學生使用高頻率手機鈴聲, 上課用老師聽不到, 因為老師的聽力在高頻處已喪失(退化現象)
不過, 這樣不會傷耳力嗎?

tejpWriter updated to v3.03

2006年6月10日 星期六

NVBackup 1.11 (updated)

Release Name: 1.11
Notes: ftp bug fixes

2006年6月9日 星期五


Mobile01 上一位使用者分享, PPC 到 Palm 的經驗
看來 Palm 還是有其值得令人稱道之處, 欣慰, 建議作者 TT 換 TX 吧!

分享無線上網熱點的 vCard - 民生問題討論版 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

2006年6月7日 星期三

CardTXT 0.70 (updated)

Supports to process palmdoc files in RAM.


Treo 700p Unwrapping And Activation - Gizmodo

六分鐘影片, 自拍拆 Treo 700p, 表情看來挺矬的

Red Palm m505 on ebay >> TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog

紅色 m505 在 ebay 拍賣... 我真的沒見過

ZMoto 7.0 (updated)


Limited-Edition Black Tie Treo 650

黑色版 Treo 650 發表, 還有特製硬殼和 stylus 喔!

PalmAddicts: Treo 700p GSM on the way

"泰國"消息: Treo 700p GSM 版快出現了

SetAutoOff - PalmGear.com

1src Forums - a chinese puzzle game


1src Forums - SharkDownload and Link Copy from Blazer

用 uncache 軟體讓 Blazer 下載順暢? 這個一定得學習一下

2006年6月6日 星期二

Freeware Palm: Gene v1.1

和分子生物學有關的軟體, 可惜最近是用不到了,還在做動物模型。>"<

1. RNA->Protein codon list
2. Amino acid information
3. Restriction enzyme database (covers TOYOBO, Boehringer and NEB)
4. Molecular weight markers (1kb ladder, lambda/Hind III, phai-x 174/Hae III)

Bio Tables v1.2


2006年6月4日 星期日

Profiles 1.02t (updated)

這個更新是針對 Treo 700p

Toccer for Treo (updated)

AIM 即時通訊軟體

Google Earth Logger (KML Creator) 0.3 (updated)

2006年6月3日 星期六

從電影院大螢幕到Treo小畫面 - PDA 軟體相關討論 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

From PIL, Jehuen 的精彩分享, 用 Treo 650 看影片的心得, 兼具教學性與炫耀性, 值得收藏!!

Freeware Palm: Target v1.1

MONEY Magazine Tip Assistant (Free) 1.1 (updated)

2006年6月1日 星期四

從開發模擬器看 Treo 700p 軟體的可能變更 - SmartPhone / Phone 討論區 - PALMisLIFE 討論區

From PIL, 阿輝分享, 也是從開發模擬器上看 Treo700p 的內建軟體
雖然外觀變化不大, 內容可是做了一些調整, 不是只有加大 RAM 而已啊!

Treo 650 Ranks High on SAR Report

Treo 650 的電磁波好像一直很受到注意... 根據 Palminfocenter (from CNET) 報導, 名列前十名, 請大家愛用藍芽耳機

PalmAddicts: World's first WiFi 802.11g SDIO card

802.11g 也有 SD 卡的版本了!

Freeware Palm: World Cup 2006 v1.0 (updated)


Avvenu 2.0 (updated)

Avvenu 2.0 was released on May 31, 2006 with two exciting new features -- Guaranteed Access and My Media Play. Guaranteed Access is a paid premium feature that allows you to access your files, even if your computer is offline or turned off! Currently, with Avvenu's free service, you have access to your files only as long as your computer is online. But with Guaranteed Access, all of your most important content is accessible, anytime, anywhere, from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. While Guaranteed Access is a paid feature, My Media Play is a free benefit for all Avvenu users! With My Media Play, you can access your entire music collection of MP3 and WMA music files stored on your computer -- and play those tunes on any other computer or Windows Mobile 5 device.

MetrO Mobile: Taipei

Metro Mobile 上台北捷運板南線更新了!